ARES Incident Command (ICS) Training

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ARES Assignments

ARES Assignments   Club Position Name/Callsign E-mail Address Telephone ARES SM (State) Mel Parkes, NM7P nm7p@arrl.org801-547-1753 ARES SEC (State) Bob Craven, N7GTE 801-209-7373 ARES EC (Davis County) Gary Davis, KE7MQF 801-865-0299 AEC for Bountiful Gary Johnson, N7DND 801-292-1212 AEC for Centerville John Gold, N7UPI 801-295-8863 AEC for Clearfield Rich Fisher, 801-773-9312 AEC for Davis Hospital Johnny Rauzi, K7ZZQ 801-643-4052 AEC

ARES Frequency

Name Freq Notes Primary Simplex Frequency 147.420 Emergency alert tone of 123.0 for continuous monitoringLinked with Primary Repeater Secondary Simplex Frequency 145.570 Tertiary Simplex Frequency 145.750 Primary Repeater 449.925 can also output on 147.42;  PL Tone 100.0 but not implemented yet Secondary VHF Repeater orIsland VHF 147.040 PL Tone 123.0 Secondary UHF Repeater orIsland UHF