April Message from Chad

Category: Club and Radio News Published: Friday, 15 April 2016 Written by Chad Rapier

Happy April everyone!

March has come in like a lion and was kind of a lamb for a little bit but ended up being a cold lion again on the way out. Sort of. Let’s hope that these April showers will bring…you know…no coax shorts or corrosion.

Have you roamed about the new website yet? I can’t over-express how excited I am for this. Now we are looking at ways to make cross-posting happen between the web page and Facebook, so that one post will appear in both places. I don’t know much about this web stuff, so I am glad we have folks that do.

Just as reminder for those of you those are looking to upgrade to Extra Class license. The question pool changes this summer, so if you are going to make the leap, it wouldn’t hurt to make the leap soon. I know I’m studying.

Looking forward to a busy ham radio summer and I hope you join us in the many DCARC activities over the summer months.

Chad Rapier, DCARC President

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