The Davis County Amateur Radio Club, known as DCARC, (“the Club”) is a well-established amateur radio organization operating within Davis County, Utah.  The Club serves the citizens and agencies of Davis County, providing communications support in the case of emergencies, disasters, and planned events.  Being a long-established organization, the Club has acquired a number of assets which might be used by other radio clubs and agencies along the Wasatch Front.  This request form will facilitate requesting the Club’s assets for specific events.

The Club has the following assets to loan to your organization/event:

  • Portable go-box radio station
  • Repeater trailer
  • Antenna trailer
  • Honey bucket trailer
  • War Wagon
  • 100+ qualified, experienced amateur radio (“ham”) operators

NOTE: Priority of assets will be given to members in good standing of the Club.

In order to request any of these assets for your event, please submit the form below.  We will then process the request in a timely manner.

If the Club is able to satisfy your resource request, someone from the Club staff will contact you to make specific arrangements to make the asset available to your event and for return/release of the asset.

Upon completion of the event, the Club requests that you download and fill out an After-Action Report,  downloadable from After-Action Report.  Please bring the completed form with you when you return the asset to the Club’s representative.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please email your questions to Thanks and 73 to all.