In the Amateur Radio community we are all volunteers. We use our hobby to help in emergencies, during public event, and even just to make new friends around the world. But how do you do this? How is it supposed to work? What equipment do I need? The questions go on an on. In the Davis County Amateur Radio Club we have many members with a lot of knowledge. The best part is that we are all willing to help each other advance in this hobby, we call them Elmers.

Are you looking for some help and don’t know who to get it from? If the answer is yes, please CLICK HERE. Fill out the form and a member of our leadership team will be in touch.

Has an Elmer Helped You?

As a volunteer organization we often find members who do a lot but do not get the credit for their hard work. If an ELMER has helped you out and you would like to recognize them, consider giving them the ELMER AWARD from the ARRL. It just takes a few minutes to fill out the ARRL form and the recognition certificate is sent directly to the ELMER or to You. You can even bring the certificate with you to the next club meeting and recognize the Elmer’s hard work in the meeting.