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Who: YOU

What: Join us at the Bountiful Handcart Day Grand Parade.

When: 7/17/2020. Staging begins at 3PM, the parade starts at 6PM.

Where:  It begins at 1500 South Main Street and proceeds North on Main Street to 400 North.

Why: This year’s theme,   “A Pioneering Spirit – Building Our Future” As a member of both the local community and our ham radio community, we need you to pull together and help. This parade is a sizable event with over 95 entries sponsored by churches, civic groups, businesses, and others organizations and is enjoyed by over 14,000 spectators! Over 200 volunteers make it happen on parade day, and we need you!

How: As a volunteer, you will be assigned to one of the following roles:  Shadow: A Shadow has a very important job; He or She will be assigned to a Parade official. Their job will be to communicate the information, to and from this person. In most cases you are on your feet for the complete parade. If you are lucky enough to get the parade chairperson, or a staging official, you will be asked to make some very important decisions. You will be asked to pass the exact info that you are told.  Wear comfortable shoes!

Assembly: Bikes: These people is responsible to make sure that all entries in their area are in place and ready to go by 16:00. Each entry will be assigned a number and it will be written on the street. When it is their turn, the start Ham (Mel Parks) will call you on the radio and you are to work with the parade volunteers’ to get them moving. Each assembly Ham will have two to four Church volunteers to complete this task. NOTE: The staging area will be blocked off to “through traffic” after 4:00 p.m. on  July 19. “Parade Officials” will be in orange vests and are there to assist you. Church volunteers will report to you when their entries are in place.

Public address stations: This person’s responsibility is to receive parade traffic from net control and pass it to the announcer during the parade. In some cases you will need a magnetic mount antenna; you can attach it to the scaffoldling. You can transmit twice as far. Please take sticky notes. They are a great way to communicate a change to the announcer. This year Hams will take possession of the sound equipment if the announcer is not there by 5PM!

Net Controller: This person’s responsibly is to oversee the commutations of the parade, there are three or four types of net controls: Shadow, PA, Assembly, and Parade. They have the resources to get with the police, fire, ambulance, tow trucks, and other emergency help.  

We try to use the same people at the same positions each year, but if you want to change, please ask. It’s fun to try something new! A net will be held on 7/16/18 at 7:30PM on a frequency of 147.42. We will confirm your position prior to the parade. Please make EVERY effort to be on that net.


-All assembly hams, bicycle support, shadows and etc. need to check in at the park bowery, located in the park across the street from the cleaners and Maverick. ( Five points, 1500 so main) Please be there by 3:30. Parking is available in the new parking terrace.

PA stations are to go directly to their PA location and check in with net control (147.42/449.925). You don’t have to be in place until 5PM.

-All volunteers please go to   to get, and print your Parade Day documents!    

-Ham operators are at the parade to communicate and they should have adequate equipment to communicate effectively. In some cases, handy talkies will not be enough. Gain antennas, spare batteries, ear buds, can make the difference, so please bring your accessories. Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and be prepared for anything!

-If rain is in the forecast bring protection for yourself, the radio and for the paperwork you printed from the website. All Hams should bring an orange/yellow high-visibility vest, a name tag (with your call sign), and a clipboard. PA stations need a clip board and sticky notes to write on and hand to the announcers. 


-Entire Parade – 147.42/449.925 REPEATER

-ASSEMBLY AREA – Main Street – 145.57
-ASSEMBLY AREA – 2nd West – 145.75