All persons interested in amateur radio are eligible for membership in the Davis County Amateur Radio Club. You do NOT have to hold an amateur radio license to join! We welcome new members and we’re sure you’ll love being a member of our very active and fun club! Your membership dues help maintain the club’s repeaters and pay for various club functions and equipment.  Your membership also entitles you to receive our monthly newsletter, DCARC Communicator . And if that isn’t enough, all members of DCARC get to enter a raffle for door prizes at every club meeting!

To become a member you must pay the membership dues as listed below. You can mail your dues to us at the address listed below or if you would prefer to join “in person”, please visit us at one of our club meetings. We always having someone standing by to assist with new memberships.


Annual Dues

Dues will be assessed for each class of membership as follows:    

  1. Regular membership: $15.00/yr.
  2. Family membership: $20.00/yr.
  3. Student/Senior membership: $10.00/yr
  4. Lifetime membership: 20 times the regular dues.

If you are 65 or older, you qualify for senior dues

Lifetime membership dues can be spread out over four equal quarterly payments. Money collected from Lifetime membership dues will be deposited in a separate interest bearing account and will be drawn on annually to pay those members dues. The funds in this account must be maintained solely for the purpose of maintaining membership dues and paying the amount to the general club fund annually. Once Life membership is paid the membership is non-refundable and only transferable to the members spouse.

Please refer to the membership section of the Club Bylaws.


Club Address

PO Box 763
Bountiful, Utah 84011-0763


Information We Need

Please provide the following information when joining the club:

  • Your Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Home and/or Business Phone
  • Email Address (Please indicate if you want to receive e-mail bulletins.)
  • Your Callsign (if you have one.)
  • Please indicate if you would like to have your Name, Callsign with class, and email address published on the website.
  • If the membership is for a family, please include this same information for each family member.
  • Please indicate if you are an ARRL member



Pay your dues online using PayPal.

Membership Choices
Your Name and Callsign
Family Names and Callsigns