Davis County Amateur Radio Club is very happy to provide for its members a GMRS repeater.  This repeater has a large coverage area includes the point of the Mountain to Brigham City and Morgan County.  We encourage all club members and their families to utilize this additional repeater in our area.  Please remember you MUST have a GMRS license to operate.  If you do not have one and would like to use this repeater and frequencies, please get one!

Please be aware that this repeater is for club members and their families (as defined by the GMRS FCC rules).  This repeater can be found at 467.6250 MHz. The club has setup a channel for our members and their families. If you would like this PL please visit the  FILES section of HamClubOnline.

As a reminder here are some FCC rules for GMRS:

  • Must obtain a license which covers you and members of your immediate family.
  • If an authorized FCC representative request to inspect a GMRS station (this means anything GMRS: handheld, mobile unit, base units, etc), the operator must make the station and any station records available
  • No messages in connection with any activity that is against Federal, State, or local law
  • No profanity or obscene language
  • No false or deceptive messages
  • No coded messages with hidden meanings (“10 codes” are allowed)
  • No music, whistling, sound effects or material to amuse or entertain
  • No ads or offers for the sale of goods or services
  • No ads for political candidate or political campaign
  • No international distress signals (i.e. Mayday) unless in a vehicle in immediate danger
  • No communicating with stations in the Amateur Radio Service, any unauthorized station, or to any foreign station
  • No continuous or uninterrupted transmissions (unless communications have to do with the immediate safety of life or property)
  • No messages for public address systems
  • Must identify using FCC-assigned call sign at the end of transmissions and at periodic intervals during transmissions
  • Monitor before transmitting.  Use the repeater on a shared basis.  Please note that there may be non-Club members using this repeater on the 141.3 PL