ARES Frequency

Primary Simplex Frequency147.420Emergency alert tone of 123.0 for continuous monitoring
Linked with Primary Repeater
Secondary Simplex Frequency145.570
Tertiary Simplex Frequency145.750
Primary Repeater449.925can also output on 147.42;  PL Tone 100.0 but not implemented yet
Secondary VHF Repeater or
Island VHF
147.040PL Tone 123.0
Secondary UHF Repeater or
Island UHF
EOC Intercom449.700

Kaysville Storehouse Region ERC Frequencies

Frequency UseFrequencyNotes
Sunday Evening Net (8:30 p.m.)147.44 SimplexNo PL
Primary FM145.49- RepeaterPL 123 Hz
Secondary FM146.96- RepeaterNo PL
Primary FM145.59 Simplex
HF LSB Primary3.933 MHz+/- QRM
HF CW Primary3.723 MHz+/- QRM