Cache Valley Bike MS

Its that time of year again for the annual Bike MS ( Harmon’s Best Dam Bike Ride) and once again hams have been requested to help assist. Bike MS has been one of the state of Utah’s largest events and has raised more than $1 Million dollars for the Multiple Sclerocis Foundation.  With as many as 3200 riders on the Saturday ride you can see where this event needs as many support folks as possible.
We have Rest Stop and SAG positions available and would love to have your assistance if you are available.The event is on Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23 and is held in Cache Valley (Cache Valley Fairgrounds).  We would love to have your help on either or both days. SAGS: Sags would be doing the normal SAG thing, roaming the course in areas requested by Net Control and then help bike riders with any issues and transporting them to aid stations where a shuttle can take them back to the start/finish.  The MS society gives money for gas so you will not be out of pocket for the time you are driving during the event. REST STOPS:You would be stationed at one of the various rest stops and would be responsible for coordinating shuttle pickups and any supply requests for the aid station. I can get more into the details if needed but if you are available to assist on the 22nd or 23rd, please let me know…Brett Neilson (KC7IIB)801-414-9134

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