Davis County ARES Simplex Radio Frequencies

  • 147.42 Mhz. “ARES One”
    • Primary Net operation and events
  • 145.57 Mhz. “ARES Two
    • Used when a secondary frequency is needed
  • 145.75 Mhz. “ARES Three)
    • Used when a secondary frequency is needed

Why do we use simplex frequencies for ARES?

  • Many ARES events tend to involve local communication and do not require the use of a repeater.
  • Simplex frequency use forces operators to be more self-reliant and improve their station performance.
  • Operators become more able to communicate should repeaters go down due to power outage, disaster etc.
  • Frees up repeaters for longer range emergency communications should they be required.

Davis County ARES – Simplex Radio 147.42 – Suggested Setup
3 separate channels for 147.42 Mhz.:

  • 147.42 Mhz. No Tone
    • Net operation, parades, routine communications.
  • 147.42Mhz 123.0 Hz. CTCSS (Tone Squelch)
    • Muted radio alerts only for urgent / emergency traffic.
    • Sleeping while standing-by during an event etc.
    • Change to No Tone channel after being alerted so you don’t miss any radio traffic not transmitting a tone.
  • 147.42 Mhz PL 123.0 Hz
    • Used to alert tone squelched receivers, Paging, Opening Net.
    • Do NOT use for non-emergency traffic!

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