DCARC Fox Hunt Rules

The DCARC Fox Hunt is an opportunity for members to practice their Radio Direction Finding to locate a hidden transmitter somewhere within a defined geographical area. During the Fox Hunt, Radio Amateur will locate a hidden transmitter. Likewise these skills can be used to locate interference to any form of radio communication.

Date and Time

This Fox Hunt will be held on Saturday, August 29, 2020 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (3 hours).

  • UPDATED FREQUENCY Bountiful FOX – N7DND – 146.570 Mhz
  • Clinton FOX – KV7LC – 146.750 Mhz
  • Layton FOX – N7JEH – 146.54 Mhz


  • Participants can choose to locate one, two or all three transmitter during the event time.
  • Participants will utilize their own equipment to find the hidden transmitters
  • Participants can work individually or in a team. If participants are working in a team the team member must be together during the entire event.
  • Upon locating the FOX participants will take a DIGITAL Picture of the FOX and note the time that the Fox was located.
  • Participants WILL NOT MOVE the FOX from the location. Please leave it for the next participant to find.
  • Participants WILL NOT post on social media or other communication channels the location of the FOX. Leave this to the event coordinators.
  • When you find a FOX Let us know by telling us on the Radio! Jump on the 147.040+ Repeater and let us know. Give us your call sign and tell us you found a fox. DON’T say where. We will be monitoring this repeater throughout the event.

Submitting your Success for Awards

We want to know who is participating in our Hunt and we have Prizes!!! Up to Nine $20.00 Gift Certificates will be given out during this event.


  • Three Gift Certificates PER FOX will be given to the first three participants to locate the Fox during the event.
  • Participants can earn a Gift Certificate at more then one FOX. For example if you find the FOX in Clinton and are the first one to find it you will earn a Gift Certificate. If you then find the FOX in Layton and you are the second one there you will earn a second Gift Certificate. If you then find the Fox in Bountiful and are the third person to find the Bountiful Fox then you will earn a 3rd Gift Certificate.
  • Upon finding a FOX participants will take a Digital picture of the FOX and note the time that the Fox was found.
  • At the conclusion of the event, Participants will send ONE (1) email to webmaster@dcarc.net with the following
    • Subject Line: FOX Hunt Submission
    • In the body of the email please include your Name, Call Sign, Email address, where you found the FOX and the time in which you found it.
    • Attach as an attachment to the email a digital picture of each Fox that you found.
  • All submissions must be received by Sunday, August 29, 2020 at Noon.

Gift certificates will be available to pick up during the September Club Swap Meet. Any awards not picked up during the Swap Meet will be mailed to the participant.

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