February 2021 – Club Updates

Hello DCARC Members and Amateur Radio Enthusiasts.  

Today is the first day of February and I’m excited for the month ahead.  But first let’s look at what we have been working on.   

We have been creating a Club Annual Report.  This report highlights the activities of our club during 2020.    It is hoped that this report will be a valuable tool as we enhance our relationship with our served agencies, recruit new members and grow the community of Amateur Radio Operators and Enthusiasts throughout Davis County. 

Over the last few weeks, we have had an open request to the membership for anyone interested in serving on our committees.  Many members have signed up and we have been able to meet with many of them.  Our committees are growing, and we are excited to be able to announce the new committee members. 

Joe Giraudo, N7JEH, has been working to add our VEs to the new testing system.  In February we will have a short orientation meeting for the VEs on the new system.  This upgraded testing system allows the club to provide a contactless testing session, including electronic signatures and forms.  This is a huge advancement in the testing system.

Gary Johnson, N7DND, has updated the club officer information in our financial systems and institutions.

We have continued to provide the DCARC On-the-Air Tech Net and are working to setup our next few months of presenters. 

Finally, we were able to update the club website to better meet the needs of our mobile users.

We are extremely interested in what has kept you on the air over the month.  If you have something you would like added to our monthly newsletter, please let me know.


Larry – KV7LC

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