Happy Halloween!!!

Tomorrow is Halloween and all the littles will be out getting candy and all kinds of other great treats! Many of us will be out walking our neighborhoods with our kids and others will be waiting at your front doors to give out candy. Even others will be somewhere deep inside their house with all the lights turned off just waiting for this all to stop!!! What do we all have in common? We CAN be RADIO ACTIVE. Tomorrow night while we are all doing our different activities, lets get on the air. Lets light up the airwaves by getting on the air! Use the repeaters, find people on simplex, use GMRS, send a Radio Gram OR any other way. Lets get the word out that Radio is alive and well. I’ll be out in the Clinton Area with my HT and would love a contact or two.

Remember to stay safe and use Radio.


Larry (KV7LC)

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