How to update your address with the FCC

Did you know that as a licensed Ham Radio Operator you are required to update your address with the FCC? Our new membership system pulls your address from the FCC database. If you need to update your address follow these simple steps:

To change an address associated with a license, go to the Universal Licensing System, select Online Filing, and do the following:

  1. Login with your FRN and Password. Note: TINs (Tax Payer Identification Numbers) may no longer be used for logging into ULS, effective December 14, 2003.
  2. Choose Update from the Work on This License menu on the right hand side of your License At A Glance screen.
    Note: For additional help with this process, click on the Common Questions that appear on most pages of ULS License Manager, or click the Help link at the top right of each page.
  3. Answer the questions on the Applicant Questions page. Then click Continue.
  4. On the licensee page, update your licensee address and any other relevant information by typing your information into the text boxes provided. When ready, click Continue.
  5. On the Summary page review the information you have entered. If you wish to make additional changes, click the Edit button next to the section of your application you wish to Edit. You will be able to return to that page of the application. Make the desired change and select the Return to Summary button.
  6. When ready to submit your update to the Commission, choose the Continue to Certify button.
  7. After reading the certification, enter your first and last names and title if appropriate in the boxes at the bottom of the page. You MUST sign the application. When finished choose the Submit Application button.
  8. From the ULS Confirmation screen, we recommend you print a copy of your application and/or the Confirmation screen itself from your web browser.

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