Radio Tests on the 147.040 Repeater

Tonight (August 20, 2022) at around 20:41 (8:41 pm) one of our members reported that someone is calling a Baofeng Radio Test using the repeater without identifying themselves with a callsign. Please remember that FCC rules part 97.119 states ” Each amateur station, except a space station or telecommand station, must transmit its assigned call sign on its transmitting channel at the end of each communication, and at least every 10 minutes during a communication, for the purpose of clearly making the source of the transmissions from the station known to those receiving the transmissions. No station may transmit unidentified communications or signals, or transmit as the station call sign, any call sign not authorized to the station.” Click Here for Part 97

Please remember that we must identify ourselves when transmitting. This includes radio tests. Please help everyone stay legal and pass the word. The Club’s Repeater Chair is aware of this transmission and will continue to monitor the repeaters and take steps to stop the transmission if necessary.

Thank you for all you do!

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