2022 Club Officers

At our regular club meeting yesterday, December 11, 2021 our 2022 Club Officers were nominated and elected. Our Club President (Larry Claussen, KV7LC), Vice President (Joe Giraudo, N7JEH), and Treasurer (Gary Johnson, N7DND) were elected for another term. We would like to welcome Tom McCurdy, AJ7TM, who was nominated and elected as our Club Secretary. All terms will begin January 1, 2022. We would also like to thank Craige Olson, N7HYP, for his service as our Secretary for the last few years. He did a great job and I know he will continue to help the club in many different positions in the near future.

2022 Club Officers – Left to Right Gary Johnson, N7DND, Larry Claussen, KV7LC, Joe Giraudo, N7JEH, Tom McCurdy, AJ7TM

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