2024 Club Officers

During today’s, December 9, 2023, regular business meeting of the Davis County Amateur Radio Club, held at the Davis County Sheriff’s Office the club membership present voted unanimously in favor of the following members to serve as club officers for the calendar year 2024:
Larry Claussen, KV7LC – President
Craige Olson, N7HYP – Vice President
Cacey Bowen, KG7JXG – Secretary
Gary Johnson, N7DND – Treasurer

We would like to thank Joe Giraudo, N7JEH, who has served as the club’s Vice President for 7 years. His dedicated work to our club and the community has made a lasting impact. Joe will continue to work with DCARC in a variety of capacities for the foreseeable future.

Craige Olson will begin his tenure as Vice President on January 1, 2024.

From left to right — Craige Olson, Larry Claussen, Gary Johnson, and Cacey Bowen

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