Field Day UPDATE #2

To all fellow field day participants,

We look forward to field day this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Hooper Park 5580 West 4600 South, Hooper, Utah 84315.  We can start occupying the park on Friday.  There are a few people that will be there Thursday night but the park will be busy with soccer until 8:30 or 9:00 that night, so the parking lot will be busy as well.  You can park your trailers in the parking lot or in the dirt areas around the park.  There will be access to the rest rooms on the east side of the city building.  Please observe the following rules:

– No driving or parking of vehicles on grass areas.  You can setup tents on grass areas, try can be careful to not disturb sprinkler lines.

– No fires or fire pits.  If you need to cook, bring some type of camp stove.

– We may have a few spots that will be reserved for the War Wagon, BOT and Digital vehicle.

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