Skywarn Recognition Day

Just a word about Skywarn Recognition day this Friday from 5:00 PM until Saturday at 5:00 PM.  If you are interested in participating and have not yet registered please do so ASAP.   They plan on closing registration by the end of day Thursday so they can get everyone’s SRD numbers assigned and posted before midday on Friday.  To register with the weather service follow this link
Additionally, and this is especially for those of you who have already registered with the NWS on the SRD page… Kevin from the Salt Lake office wants to have a list of everyone that is locally participating.  My guess is that he’ll use it for justification to get a dedicated communications room set up like we used to have as part of the office remodel.  So, if you’ve registered with NWS on the SRD page but have not yet signed up on our local form please follow this link and fill out the form so I can send it to Kevin on Friday morning.
It really is important to have you signed up on both forms.

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