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Joe Giraudo – N7JEH and his VE Team did it again. They successfully completed another exam session! Last night the VE Team tried out a new testing session setup and utilized new technology to make the entire process smoother. Last night we had 20 applicants test. Each one passed at least one element.

New Amateurs receiving their Technician – 16
New Amateur receiving their General – 1

Upgrading Amateur receiving their General – 1
Upgrading Amateurs receiving the Extra – 3

Thank you Joe-N7JEH, Larry-KV7LC, Hall-KC7RAF, Spencer-AE7IO, Tom-AJ7TM, Dan-K1DJM, Ray-K7RFW, Ron-KF7ZN, Gerald-KG7VUC, Starli-KJ7IA, Rick-W7VQ, Ben-WU7B, Laretta-K7BEZ, Mike-KD7MG and Anne-KC7RAG! You made this an AWESOME testing session!

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